MaineASCE Gives Low Grade to Maine’s Infrastructure

-Senior Project Engineer Amanda Wade, PE participates in group that evaluated Maine’s infrastructure-


The poor grades that Maine received from the Maine Section of American Society of Civil Engineers (MaineASCE) on the state of our infrastructure highlight the need for improvements to our aging infrastructure.


As an engineering, environmental, and surveying firm that serves infrastructure markets, CES, Inc. understands the need for more investments to ensure the safety, environment, and economic prosperity of our state.


Senior Project Engineer Amanda Wade, PE, volunteered her time to work with a group of 20 Maine Professional Engineers to create the MaineASCE 2016 Report Card for Maine’s Infrastructure. The group started in July 2016 and reviewed 14 categories.  With her background she helped review and report on the Contaminated Sites Remediation and Solid Waste categories.


Regarding Maine’s solid waste infrastructure, which earned a C- and is trending down, Maine has limited capacity available for the disposal of its residents’ solid waste and recycling rates remain below the state-established goal of 50%. With no state funding available to assist municipalities, who are primarily responsible for meeting the goal, and many landfills approaching their licensed capacity, Maine may find itself with no place to dispose of waste if long-term planning is not initiated.


As Amanda pointed out, there are some bright spots in both categories, including increased funding for the landfill reimbursement closure program and the licensing of a new, first-of-its-kind, waste processing facility to be located in Hampden.  CES President/CEO Denis St. Peter has taken an active role in shaping the funding mechanism for the reimbursement program.  He has worked with legislatures, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and municipalities to expand the cost-share eligibility statute to active landfills.  This policy was utilized to help fund the Presque Isle Landfill Closure Project, which received three awards – a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, an ACEC of Maine Engineering Excellence Award, and an AGC Build Maine Award. CES staff also worked with the Municipal Review Committee to site and permit the proposed first-of-its-kind waste processing facility in Hampden that is set to be operational in 2018.