Geospatial / GIS


CES specializes in the design, creation and management of geographic information systems (GIS) by utilizing data, hardware, and software tailored to meet client needs. We provide GIS consulting services to municipalities, government agencies, engineering firms, and utilities.

Whether your project is large or small, CES will tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget. Our extensive range of services includes:

Geodatabase Design
We aid in the identification and organization of data set themes and help determine additional spatial and database elements for geodatabase integrity such as topologies, networks, and raster catalogs.

Spatial Analysis
We develop and utilize existing GIS data sets for spatial analysis (i.e. Route Analysis, Least-Cost Analysis, and Constraints Analysis).

Plan and Mapbook Creation
We create customized plans and map books for displaying data sets to various stakeholders. Plans and map books can range from 8.5" x 11" up to 24" x 36" in color or black/white plots.

Google Earthâ„¢ Publishing
We can publish most data sets created, or
utilized, to Google Earthâ„¢. Access can be provided using Google Earthâ„¢ as a viewing platform..

Cadastral (Digital Tax Parcel Data)
We design and create cadastral / land information systems.
We design and create drawings from research of existing documentation (i.e. tax records, legal records, survey/subdivision plats, and road right-of-way documents).
Cadastral datasets can be overlaid with existing topographic or planimetric mapping to provide further use of the cadastral data.

Infrastructure/Asset Management
Design and create infrastructure data sets, i.e. roadways, water and sewer, electric, and hydrants.

Environmental and Natural Resource

Design and create environmental/natural resource data layers which identify wetlands, vernal pools, surface and subsurface geology, environmental sampling locations, stormwater, etc. Utilize Environmental and Natural Resource data sets for environmental impact studies, and compliance and cost analysis.

Design and create zoning data sets (i.e. Shoreland zoning, Land-use zoning, and Parcel Restrictions).
Utilize zoning data sets to perform constraints analysis for current and future projects.

Design and create utility data sets (i.e. telecommunications, electrical, gas, water & wastewater utilities).
Utilize data sets for asset management, route analysis, and constraints and least cost analysis.

Web-Based GIS
Design and create custom GIS websites
ArcGIS Server-based hosting service provides a customized solution for data viewing
Microsoft Silverlight based GIS website

Web Hosting
24/7 access without investment in or maintenance of expensive hardware and software infrastructure

Hardware and Software
Our experienced team is equipped with the following data collection equipment:

  • Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station
  • Topcon 3103 Total Station
  • Sokkia 5r30 Total Station with TDS/TSC2 Data collectors
  • Trimble GNSS R8 Static and RTK GPS Receivers
  • Trimble Geo XH 2005 and 2008 series GPS Units
  • Pathfinder Office and Trimble Business Center


  • Mission planning
  • Data Dictionaries and Attribute Definitions
  • Data processing and conversions


  • Establish a set of control points within municipal bounds
  • Uniform horizontal and vertical datum (NAD 1983 and NAVD 88 recommended)
  • Aids in the creation of GIS data sets such as cadastral, utility, natural resource and zoning.
  • Allows civil engineering and survey projects within municipal bounds to reference the same horizontal and vertical datum regardless of the consultant or contractor.

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