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Geoprobe® Operation
Geoprobe® is a brand of high-quality, hydraulically-powered machines that utilize both static force and percussion to advance sampling and logging tools into the subsurface. Geoprobe® machines carry the distinctions that set them apart: innovation, practicality, and workmanship. It’s never been easier to obtain subsurface information quickly and economically while leaving the site undisturbed.

Why is this better than other methods?
•   Economical subsurface investigations
•   Minimal disturbance to the ground surface
•   No cuttings eliminates handling, containing, storing, sampling, analyzing, and disposing of potentially contaminated cuttings at environmental sites
•   Compact and non-intrusive equipment
•   Minimal physical and chemical disturbance assures a high degree of sample integrity and data quality
•   Both probing and sampling is fast
•   Minimal labor required
•   Quick and economical mobilization

What are the applications of this tool?
•   Environmental and geotechnical investigations
•   Soil core sampling
•   Groundwater sampling
•   Soil conductivity testing
•   Contaminant logging
•   Soil gas sampling
•   Geotechnical assessments
•   Installation of small diameter monitoring wells
•   Grouting / materials injection
•   Landfill Gas Sampling / Implant Installation

What is this likely to cost me?
Exact costs will depend on the location and complexity of the work required. In general terms, this equipment will save time and therefore money when compared to traditional methods.

Who has this equipment in my area?
The most versatile Geoprobe® in Central and Downeast Maine is owned and operated by CES, Inc. We have offices in Brewer, Southwest Harbor, Machias, and Presque Isle.

What Geoprobe® model does CES, Inc. own, and what are its capabilities?
We own and operate a Geoprobe® model 5410 mounted on a 4x4 Ford F350. Its features include:
•   54 inch stroke
•   Electronic Depth Indicator
•   Two-speed Pull Cylinder
•   28,900 lb. pulling capacity
•   21,700 lb. downward force
•   Rod Grip Pull Block
•   GH42 Soil Probing Hammer
•   Hydraulic lateral movement for offset placement of probes
•   Hydraulically-powered from the vehicle engine
•   Compatible with most Geoprobe® Tooling & Logging Equip.

What services does CES, Inc. provide that could utilize this equipment?
•   Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) - ASTM E 1903-97
•   Hazardous Waste Closure Investigations - Hazardous Waste Mgmt     
Rules (06-096 CMR Chapters 850 - 856)
•   Underground Storage Tank (UST) Site Assessments and Leak Investigations - Rules for Underground Oil Storage Facilities (06-096 CMR Chapter 691)
•   Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Sampling
•   Remedial Investigations - CERCLA
•   Site Investigations - RCRA
•   Site-Specific Investigations - Solid Waste Management Regulations (06-096 CMR Chapters 400 - 419)
•   Identification of Bedrock Depth
•   Contamination Delineation
Geoprobe® Investigations

Offices in Brewer, Machias, Bar Harbor, Auburn, Presque Isle
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